D.P. Reel

This Demo reel is a  Composite, it  is made up of visuals from Feature Films, Commercials, Pilots and some Documentary work.  

Eric Garcetti For Mayor Commercials

Over the past few months my amazing team has helped to create seven excellent Commercials for Eric Garcetti’s 2013 Los Angeles Mayoral campaign. Eric Garcetti, Dan Katzman, Evan Nesbitt D.P. & Producer, Phil Shanahan, Bill Carrick Dir.

True Nature

Patrick Steele directs this new independent film, starring Carolyn McCormick, Marianne Porter and Reg Land. Shot on the RED ONE #14, in early 2008 this is a supernatural thriller, shot in Dayton Ohio. Film Festival winner for best Cinematography at the Cincinnati Film Festival 2011. Official Selection in over 35 film festivals around the world. […]

Tom Hanks: Wright State University Commercial

  I received a call from my friend Stu Mc Dowell at my Alma Mater Wright State University in Dayton Ohio. Stu needed to shoot Tom for an Alumni Fundraiser, I had 2 days to pull together a crack crew, and shoot Tom before he went away for 5 months to do CLOUD ATLAS. Using […]


Shot in Lake Havasu, this tight  feature thriller, explores the activities of a Hyena that eliminates morally corrupt people.


I traveled to Egypt, Syria, and Jordan for the  feature film:  SPIRITUAL WARRIORS. The 40 day shoot exhibits some of Evan’s extensive talent and  the extremely high production values he brings to any project, no matter what the budget is. This is one of the  few films to shoot on top of the Giza Pyramid. Enrique […]


I was Director of Photography on the Teaser /Trailer  that raised the 1.5 millon for the film to be shot. Many of my shots in the Trailer are in the racing sections of the final film. Shot in one day at a real Supercross race utilizing 8 – 35mm cameras shooting every angle of the […]