D.I.T. Resume

                                                      EVAN NESBITT                                                     […]

Scandal – ABC

My Buddy Andy Lemon asked me to assist him on SCANDAL season #1.I worked all the double up units for the first two seasons, we use a Technicolor Luther box with their DP lights Color correction for creating on set LUT’s for dalies. What a great group of people and this year the show has […]

“All IS LOST” Robert Redford VFX Shoot (Click Here)

In 2012, I was asked to go out with D.P. Frankie DeMarco, and DIT all of the Cargo ship Plates for “ALL IS LOST.” We were on the open ocean for a day shoot and a night shoot. Using an Arri Alexa with the Codex system we had a great time and saw a lot of […]

GULLIVERS TRAVELS with Jack Black (Click Here)

I worked for a few weeks on: GULLIVERS TRAVELS with Jack Black. David Tattersal was the D.P. Most of the shoot was in Ventura, Ca. A lot of the work was on the water with a 50 foot Techno crane. I was fortunate enough to shoot Second Unit for a few day, and 8 shots made […]




Sony F65 workshop

Evan Nesbitt Lines up a shot to test the Dynamic range of the incredible  Sony F65 Digital camera Click here for DIT Resume: PDF version