“All IS LOST” Robert Redford VFX Shoot (Click Here)

In 2012, I was asked to go out with D.P. Frankie DeMarco, and DIT all of the Cargo ship Plates for “ALL IS LOST.” We were on the open ocean for a day shoot and a night shoot.

Using an Arri Alexa with the Codex system we had a great time and saw a lot of dolphins. It was the first time I used a Codex Vault system in the open ocean on a pitching Ship!

We also had to lift up and lower my DIT cart onto the ship with a large Cargo crane, another first!

Click here for DIT Resume: PDF version

If you’ve taken the time to see Margin Call, the financial thriller from last year, hopefully you discovered a striking, intriguing, sleek drama with intricate writing/directing. Up-and-coming filmmaker J.C. Chandor made his debut with Margin Call and it impressed Sundance founder Robert Redford so much when it played at the festival (early 2011) that he signed him up for his follow-up. Chander was drafted by Redford to write a film for him, and the result is All Is Lost, a lost a sea story which just finished shooting. I can’t rightly say this is a first look at Redford, because you can barely tell that’s him, but it’s worth seeing anyway.

Chandor’s All Is Lost is a “man vs. nature” drama, apparently starring only Redford himself. It looks like his boat hits a storm, as details only say it’s about “getting lost at sea and struggling against the elements to stay alive” or “a journey of one man’s fight to survive.” Chandor and Redford just finished shooting at Baja Studios in Rosarito, Mexico in their water tank. It was produced by Before The Door Pictures’ Neal Dodson & Washington Square Films’ Anna Gerb with Justin Nappi & Teddy Schwarzman. Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions will release All Is Lost, but don’t have a date yet. We expect it to premiere at Sundance next year.

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