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                                                                   Evan Nesbitt

                                                                             Director of Photography

                          Evan is a graduate of the Ohio Institute of Photography and Wright State University Film Program where his deep love of shooting, lighting, printing, was nurtured. Although Evan began his film-making career at the age of 13, with a stop-motion 8mm film set to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, as part of an early filmmakers program, in Dayton, Ohio. He continued to develop his craft by a through study of early motion picture history during his tenure with the Library of Congress inspecting, and preserving old nitrate film from such pioneers of the art as D.W. Griffith, George Melies and Thomas Edison.

Since moving to Los Angeles, in 1989, Evan has drawn inspiration and knowledge from his work with many of the preeminent cameramen in the business today including such talents as Robert Richardson,(HUGO, KILL BILL) Michael Ballhaus, (THE DEPARTED) David Tattersall, (THE GREEN MILE), Janusz Kaminski, (WAR HORSE, SCHLINDER’S LIST)  Adam Greenberg (ERASER), and Eric Sarrinen (COMING TO AMERICA). Over the past twenty years Evan has worked a variety of jobs on more than fifty features films.

Nesbitt started his career as a camera assistant and camera operator before becoming a Director of Photography. An indispensable and exceptionally creative craftsman, his credits in the camera department include the feature films   GODZILLA, DEEP IMPACT, X-FILES MOVIE, MEN IN BLACK, ACE VENTURA II, SPIDERMAN, HERBIE RELOADED, and YOU, ME and DUPREE, as well at many Television shows including: “The Event”,”Scandal”,“Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, and “The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd”.

Additionally, Nesbitt has made a name for himself in the highly specialized world of Visual Effects,where he has worked with the ground-breaking companies Industrial Light and magic, POP Films, Mass Illusion, and Jim Henson’s Company. He has photographed, and supervised shots for such feature films as SPIDERMAN, BLADE, and PHENOMENON, THE GREEN MILE, X-MEN, THREE KINGS, THE PERFECT STORM, JUWANNA MAN, and MONKEYBONE

Evan, became one of the first cameramen to embrace high definition technology, specializing in bringing an extremely cinematic look and high production value to his cinematography. This Cinematic style is evident in the film: SPIRITUAL WARRIORS a feature film shot on location and lushly crafted around the backdrops of the Giza Pyramids in Egypt, Petra, Jordan and Palmyra, Syria. The film includes 250 visual effects shots, extensive green screens, and location plates which were seamlessly composited to bring a big budget look to a truly independent feature film. (

His unique style can also be seen on TRUE NATURE, where his use of light and shadow lends a unique tension to the film. TRUE NATURE has played at over 50 film festivals around he world, and won Best Cinematography in the Cincinnati Film Festival.   Evan has filmed some Second Unit action sequences on GULLIVERS TRAVELS starring Jack Black. A large visual effects driven film, the first to be completely filmed uncompressed with Panavision’s Genesis Camera equipped with their new solid state Flash Memory Drives (SSR2).

Evan is grateful for a  2 week gig shooting 300 pieces of 1500 year old Peruvian Pottery for the Fowler Museum at UCLA.

Evan Directed and Shot and Edited a commercial for my Alma Mater, Wright State University, with Tom Hanks a spokesperson for the University.

This campaign was very successful and raised Millions of dollars for the University.

He worked with ILM and many other VFX houses for many years. He shot 2nd Unit for the United States portion of GULLIVERS TRAVELS,  with Jack Black, for D.P. David Tattersall.

When he is not shooting, Evan is greatly in demand as one of the top Digital Imaging Technicians in Hollywood. His extensive knowledge and High Definition experience with the Sony Venice, Arriflex Alexa/Mini, the Red Cameras, Cannon cameras and  have enhanced many projects.

Evan worked on Joss Whedon’s Pilot, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  

Evan is Proud to have worked on Season’s

1 – 8  of  the critically acclaimed

Shonda Rhimes show: SCANDAL with Kerry Washinton.

VFX plates were shot for the Robert Redford Feature   “ALL IS LOST”

Evan also finished working with Halle Berry and Olivia Wilde for a Revlon Commercial.

Evan also has a 10 year career shooting Co-directing and Producing may political commercials with Bill Carrick.

Evan has worked on two campains for  Eric Garcetti’s  successful mayoral campaign, and re-election in 2019 in Los Angeles.

As a Director of Photography, I bring to the table 30 years of experience, from the ground up, with extensive visual effects knowledge and experience, and unparalleled Digital Imaging  Technician experience (15 years), as well as Pre, and Post Production workflow expertise.

I have worked with every camera platform, from film to 8K Digital, in the Feature, Commercial ,and Television arenas.

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                                                                                EVAN NESBITT

                                                                       Director of Photography

                                                                  323.314.5928 / 323.463.0476




GULLIVERS TRAVELS: 2nd Unit- USA Dir. Jim Rygiel

(Lord of the Rings: Vfx Super.)

TRUE NATURE: Dir. Patrick Steele: Film Festival Winner

RAZOR:  Dir. James Lay

NIC & TRISTAN Go Mega Dega: Dir. Cosmo Segurson/  I Directed 2nd Unit

WHITE ON WHITE: Polar Bear Documentary:  2nd Unit

COMPTON XMAS TREEZ: Feature Film – 2nd Unit w/Kevin Hart

SPIRITUAL WARRIORS: Dir. David Raynr : Shot in Egypt, Syria, Jordan

EXTREME WALKING: Crow Films Dir. Wayne Pere

RONNY CAMARO: Dir: Bo Linton

SUPERCROSS: Race and Teaser footage : TAG Entertainment

PASSING DARKNESS:  Dir. Ken Mader / Film Festival Winner


Short: Thank God for Murray



SKIP LIGHTNING: TV Pilot: Dir. Michael Spound / Starring: Sylvester Stallone

BATTLE OF THE BULGE: Discovery Channel / Morning Star Entertainment.

MARS AND BEYOND: Cyber Sci-fi: Episodic – Internet Series  Dir. Herb Wright

JESSE JAMES: Discovery Channel: Morning Star Entertainment

24 Hours with David Allen Greer – Television Series – Scout Prod.

FIREBALL TIM’S WORLD OF CARS: T.V. Pilot – Dir. Tim Lawrence

FENG SHUI FOR HOLLYWOOD: T.V. Pilot –  Dir. Herb Wright

MTV: P.S.A  “Rock the Vote:  w / Coolio – Dir. Paul Robinson

SILENT WINGS: “G IS FOR GUTS”: Feature Documentary – WWII Glider Pilots

Dir. D.K Heller/ Evan Nesbitt

ORGANIC: Feature Documentary – Organic food


MAGIC AID: Hurricane Relief Benefit: Magic Castle. Dir. Jude Prest




 X-MEN : Visual Effects Unit:  Riot Films

BLADE : Visual Effects and 2nd Unit :  Numerous Vfx elements.

THE GREEN MIE: Various Vfx elements

SCORPION KING: Various Vfx elements

JUWANNA MAN:  Visual FX Cameraman / VFX Supervisor

PHENOMENON:  Vistavision / Opening title sequence.

THREE KINGS: Various Vfx elements

MY GIANT:  Various Vfx elements


 Eric Garcetti for Mayor of los Angeles- 2 Terms

Bobby Shriver/ Ted Liu / Kathryn Barger/

Propostion H and M measure-Los Angeles

/Tom Hanks- WSU/ Toyota / Nissan / Nationwide Insurance /Bob Evans/ Ford/Vans Shoes / Abita Beer/ Brevell /City of Vernon/ FRS Energy Drink  w/ Lance Armstrong / Harrahs- San Diego

Click here for PDF Resume

                                                      EVAN NESBITT

                                                                    Digital Imaging Technician

                                                                  323.314.5928 / 323.463.0476


ALL IS LOST (US)                           D.P. Frank G. DeMarco       Lionsgate

THE LAST GODFATHER              D.P.  Mark Irwin                    Lionsgate

GULLIVER’S TRAVELS (US)     D.P. David Tattersal              20th Century Fox

BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA  D.P. Robert Brinkman  2nd Unit  Walt Disney

ALL’S FAIRE IN LOVE                    D.P. Mark Irwin                    MGM Studios

Polar Bear Doc.  Arctic Circle      D.P.  Eric Saarinen

BUMPER  “Green Screen Unit”   Dir. Enda McCallion           MGM Studios

BEN 10 ALIVE                                     D.P. Morgan Susser           Cartoon Network

EPIC MOVIE                                         D.P. Shawn Maurer           New Regency

SPIRITIAL WARRIOR                     Dir.  David Raynr                Gilgamesh Prod.

SPECIES 3                                             D.P. Christian Sebaldt       MGM Studios

RAZOR                                                   Dir. James Lay                      Razor Dog LLC.

RONNY CAMARO                              Dir. Bo Linton                       Berserker Ent.

EXTREME WALKING                    Dir. Wayne Pere                    Crow Films


SCANDAL  13Episodes                    D.P. Oliver Bokelberg       ABC

NICK STOLLER Pilot:                    D.P. Jerzy Zielienski         CBS

LITTLE IN COMMON Pilot:         D.P. Rob Sweeny                Warner Bros.

THE EVENT: 22 EPISODES          D.P. Feliks Parnell / Januz Kaminski-Dir.   NBC

UNDERCOVERS: Pilot:                  Dir: J.J. Abrahams / D.P. Mike Bonvillian  Warner Bros.


WELCOME TO THE CAPTAIN      D.P. Anthony Hardwick          CBS

TRACEY ULLMAN (12 Episodes) D.P. Rob Sweeny                        Showtime­

SAMANTHA WHO?   Pilot:             D.P. Dave Perkel                                   Disney / Touchstone

THE LOOP (7 Episodes)                   Dir. Betty Thomas                                 20th Century Fox

HELP ME HELP YOU  Pilot:          D.P. Bobby Bukowski                           Regency Television

SKIP LIGHTNING: Pilot:               w/ Sylvester Stallone                              Crystal Springs

COMMERCIALS:  (Partial List)

Revlon w/Halle Berry and Olivia Wilde / Lexus of Japan/ Toyota/ Eric Garcetti for Mayor/Tom Hanks for WSU

 KFC w/ Errol Morris / Expedia /  Tiger Woods Foundation  w / Tiger Woods

Huffy Bikes /w/ D.P. Dean Cundy  / Alltel / Hasbro Transformers / Sleep Inn / Budweiser Light

M&M’s / Comcast Cable / Disney Xtreme Digital / Harrah’s Casino / Jane Harmon: 2 Spots                        

Hitachi 5 spots / Sony Handicam  / Sony Blu Ray / Sprint PCS: 5 Spots /  Werthers Candy

Subaru: 6 Spots / Chase Financial / Baileys / Saturn / Jiffy Lube / Lincoln / Toyota

Charter Cable / Sprint / Dodge / McDonalds / Chevrolet


Weird Al Yankovitch             Dir. Al Yankovich                              Radical Media

Crystal Method                         Dir. Gore Verbinski                          Anonymous Content

Lizz Wright                                Dir. Doug Biro                                    Mad Dog Films

Samantha Ronson                  Dir. Diane Martel                               DNA Inc.

Gwendolyn                                 Dir. Angela Barnes                            Planet A Films

Hot Hot Heat                             Dir. Oliver Gondry                             Partizan Prod.


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