I traveled to Egypt, Syria, and Jordan for the  feature film:  SPIRITUAL WARRIORS.

The 40 day shoot exhibits some of Evan’s extensive talent and  the extremely high production values he brings to any project, no matter what the budget is.

This is one of the  few films to shoot on top of the Giza Pyramid.

Enrique Encinosa, UNIVISION Miami –  2008

“The film, loaded with very good special effects in spite of its modest –less than a million dollar- budget was shot in high definition by Evan Nesbitt, a craftsman, with impressive location scenes shot in Jordan, Syria and Egypt.

“SPIRITUAL WARRIORS is a mind-bending, consciousness-raising trip very much worth taking. A dramatic story, a stunning visual journey, and a life lesson all rolled into one. It’s a special effects movie about creating your own destiny, but the most special effect is the way it makes you feel. See it twice.”

Straw Weisman, Associate Producer, WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW?


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